Pachamama Chakana Cross
Pachamama Chakana Cross
Pachamama Chakana Cross
Pachamama Chakana Cross

Pachamama Chakana Cross Adjustable Ring with Precious Stones set in Silver

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This is a fine quality ring of jeweled art from the studios of Urin Huanca,* The ring is adjustable#.
There are numerous aspects to the Pachamama Chakana Cross, too many to describe here. The geometry of this piece represents entry into other realms; the Southern Cross constellation, the Inca Empire, and other places. The mysticism and deep symbolism traces back a thousand years for the modern rural Peruvians.
There are 13 different precious stones and shells used. The absolute skill to finely wrap each successive band within the next is the testament to the descendants of the Incas and the modern talents. Perfect squares next to squares, and each is finely delineated with a filament of sterling silver.
Made by the Urin Huanca Company of Peru, these pieces are created using the same methods as their ancestors centuries ago. Adding an evolving modern touch, the pieces are expertly laid by a small team of artisans who value and treasure their ancestors gifts of creation from the past.
Take close note of the details, especially the aforementioned very fine filaments of silver intertwined within the pieces of stone and shell. Urin Huanca provides the ultimate in fine Peruvian jewelry which is not for the tourist trade, but rather for an audience looking for true and authentic magnificence.

Pachamama Chakana Cross Ring
 Weight - 5.4 grams
 Width - 2.1 inches
 Length - 2.1 inches

Materials of the Good Earth
.950 Sterling Silver
Spiny Oyster
Red Coral

#This ring is adjustable. Consider visiting your local jeweler to have them resize it to your needs.
Research Cruz Cuadrada for more in-depth information on this piece's representation.

*I am always enthusiastic to sell Urin Huanca works of art. This multi-generational, family run business has a small staff. They are deeply committed to hand creating the finest high end jewelry to proudly represent their ancestral culture. Many counterfeit 'Peruvian' pieces are on the market. With Urin Huanca you are assured the finest in Peruvian craftmanship.

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