Earring pendant set Incan Coral Snakes
Earring pendant set Incan Peruvian Coral Snakes
Earring pendant set Incan Coral Snakes Lapis Spiny Oyster
Earring pendant set Peruvian Ancient Inca  Coral Snakes
Back side Earring pendant set Incan Coral Snakes sterling silver

Set of Coral Earrings & Pendant - Sacred Snakes - Urin Huanca

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Sacred Incan Snakes
 Weight of Trio - 16 grams
 Earring Length - 2.25 inches
 Pendant Length - 3.5 inches with Bale

 Here is an enchanting Earring and Pendant set in the image of mystical snakes, created by the family run business of Urin Huanca*. Snakes were part of the 'Inca Trilogy'. Along with the puma and the condor and their associated mysticism, snakes ruled the afterlife and were imbued with great wisdom.
 The primary gemstone is the rich coral spondylus, also known as spiny oyster. The eyes of all three snakes is a cool deep lapis of blue. Mother of Pearl discs are arrange in a manner that enhances the undulating movement of the snakes.

More Information:
 *Urin Huanca is THE preeminent family owned jewelry business in South America, reaching back to the 1930's. With only a dozen or so employees, access to their works of art can be limited. This family of craftsmen create wonders which come from the culture of their Incan ancestors and now they have taken their place as contemporary Masters. There are many who attempt to copy their work, but Urin Huanca supplies the finest in both the silver used and quality and skill of the the perfect inlay pieces.
 Each of the pieces are from the natural wonders of Peru on the land and on their shores. The craftsmen take the time to individually pick each of the precious stones and shells to be used. Each piece is very carefully and delicately cut and laid. Fine silver filaments are inserted between pieces in a perfect preciseness only generational hands are capable of. The designs were originally created by the Inca. Now their descendants recreate this with their own contemporary touch. And, in addition to all of this, they insist on using the highest grade .950 pure silver, also from Peru. These pieces are expertly created by a small team of artisans who value and treasure their ancestors gifts of creation from the ancient past.
 This Peruvian jewelry is not for the tourist trade, but rather for the discriminating buyer looking for true and authentic magnificence in their acquisitions.

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