Eye bending colors and patterns pottery
Mata Ortiz Pottery Memo and Aracely Valero
Mexican Pottery Memo and Aracely Valero
Top View Mata Ortiz Pottery Memo and Aracely Valero

Memo and Aracely Valero - Surreal Effects - Mata Ortiz Pottery

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Memo and Aracely Varela - Artists
 Weight - 13.5 ounces
 Height - 5.1 inches
 Width - 4.4 inches
A pottery ring is included.

Any of of Memo and Aracely Valeros pieces of pottery are known for the elaborate details of the hand painted geometry, and the ancient Paquime shapes. This pottery is no exception.
The eye bending multi-colored diamond pattern envelopes the entire work. The block step, or MC Escher effect, is wondrous. Nearly every color glaze possible from the soil of Mata Ortiz is used. The entire pottery is trisected with turquoise lines of designs whos origins reach back a thousand years. It very much is like looking into a kaleidoscope when admiring their works.
The pricing of this pottery is based on the worldwide respect for these artists, the complexity of their designs, and the literal hours and hours of their time to conjure up this superior folk art.

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