Pachamama Incan Cactus Jewelry Pendant Chakana
Pachamama Incan Cactus Jewelry Pendant Chakana
Pachamama Incan Cactus Jewelry Pendant Chakana
Pachamama Incan Cactus Jewelry Pendant Chakana

Incan Cactus Pendant - Urin Huanca Studios - Pachamama

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Resembling saguaros of the southwest American desert, this multi armed cactus pendant is typical in regions of the Peruvian land and was used extensively by the Incas a thousand years ago. With Pachamama & Chakana ancestral influences It was a source of natural resources, and in certain species was the provider of mysticism. There are several gemstones equally as dominant. These pieces provide the perfect colorization to bring forth the radiance and intensity of the fellow precious stones. The angular shape of the pieces creates a sharpness and energy to the design as a whole. The skill and craftmanship means this will last a lifetime. And the pendant is crowned with a lovely teardrop of sugilite on the bale.

Each of the pieces are from the natural wonders of Peru on the land and on their shores. The craftsmen take the time to individually pick each of the precious stones and shells to be used. Each piece is very carefully and delicately cut and laid. Fine silver filaments are inserted between pieces deftly in a way only human hands can do.
The design was originally created by the Inca. Now their descendants recreate this with their own modern touch.
The back is a brilliant shield of .950 Sterling Silver which captures and magnifies any light which strikes it.
This set is both unusual in its coloration and brilliant in its uniqueness.
AND... the back of the pendant also possesses 7 perfectly cut, individually different gemstones beautifully lined and wrapped in silver, serving as a hidden treasure for you alone.
This pieces is created using the same methods as the ancestors centuries ago. Adding an evolving modern touch, the pieces are expertly laid by a small team of artisans who value and treasure their ancestors gifts of creation from the past.
This Peruvian jewelry is not for the tourist trade, but rather for an audience looking for true and authentic magnificence in their acquisitions.

Materials of the Good Earth
- .950 Sterling Silver
- Malachite
- Red Coral
- Mother of Pearl
- Lapis
- Spiny Oyster
- Spondylus
- Sugilite
- Chrysocolla

Weight - 8.5 grams
Width - 1 inch
Length with Bale - 2.1 inches

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