Stair Step Clay Neck Mata Ortiz Pottery
Top View Stair Step Clay Neck Mexican Pottery
Bottom view Stair Step Clay Neck Mata Ortiz Pottery
Close up of Paquime Block pattern pottery

Artist Vidal Corona - Stair Step Neck - Mata Ortiz Mexican Pottery

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Señor Vidal Corona - Artist
 Weight - 1 pound 5 ounces
 Height - 6.5 inches
 Width - 6 inches
A ring is provided with all my pottery.

 Here is a fine pottery piece by Señor Vidal Corona. Señor Corona has used native white clay to create this. The pottery features a narrow base, broad shoulder and a stair step neck and opening. On the white clay he has painted a salmon and ebony glaze, the pigments being derived from surrounding plants and minerals. The repeating square and block pattern is reminiscent of designs used by his Paquime Culture ancestors one thousand years ago. Each stroke, each line is done free hand. Combining all these elements has created this masterpiece.

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Desert Buckeye Gallery