Incan Empires Mystique in Contemporary Jewelry

Centuries later and the Mystique of the Incan Empires designs continue to be a rich source of inspiration in contemporary jewelry. Peruvian artists, the descendants of the Incas, may soon be the leaders and innovators of fine jewelry of the 2020's. All the pieces featured by Desert Buckeye Gallery are richly captivating, and perhaps even a bit emotional.

Colors Only the Incan Possessed

The colors combine to create a very deep reaction in my senses. The intensity of hues and shades are dependent on the materials used. From within the borders of the ancient Incan Empire are where the Spiny Oyster, Lapis, Malachite and more are harvested. Only these materials, from this region, are able to radiate in color the essence of what is Incan. 

Within the Inca Borders


Spondylus, a type of seashell from the western Peruvian coast of the Pacific, and only spondylus, has the ability to exhibit a mirrored soft yellow as seen in this jewelry. No yellow elsewhere in the world quite replicates this effect. Peruvian Sugalite, so rarely seen in modern jewelry, has a soft lavender that is nearly liquid and uniquely Incan. Another Peruvian Pacific native is the Red Coral. Its escape velocity orange/red hue locks hands with its other Peruvian kin, adding strength and distinction to the ancient Incan tradition.

Incan Empires

Silver Unlike Any Other

One only possesses the finest in authentic Peruvian jewelry if the Silver is .950 pure. And Peru is home to some of the planets finest .950 silver. The purity of the silver, the ability to create either the heaviest of shields or the finest of filaments, is the hallmark of ancient Incan design in modern Peruvian jewelry.

And now the tradition is continued by the Incan descendants in an exhilarating, modern way.

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