Nautilus and Ammonite Fossils & the Golden Ratio  - Or -  (How I came to Love the Fibonacci Number)

 In mathematics, the Fibonacci Sequence, or Spiral is = to 1.618 and is designated by the Greek letter Phi Φ (Don’t be concerned, this is NOT a blog on mathematics!). Euclid, the ancient Greek mathematician referred to it as the Extreme & Mean ratio. Some refer to it as the Devine Proportion.
Johannes Kepler wrote that "the image of man and woman stems from the divine proportion. In my opinion, the propagation of plants and the progenitive acts of animals are in the same ratio". The Fibonacci sequence, through the use of its number, somehow comes up with the Golden Ratio (again, this is not a blog on mathematics, which might be more obvious by now).

 The Golden Ratio is evident everywhere in art (such as Mata Ortiz Pottery), astronomy, nature, and… in many fossils, as with Nautilus and Ammonites. I briefly discuss these here.


Objects in nature which might bring this ratio more into perspective are:

  • Seed heads of sunflowers
  • Pine Cones
  • Flower petals
  • Cactuses
  • Pineapples
  • And Seashells 

Here are photos from my greenhouse of plants exhibiting this Golden Ratio.

I love my plants.

From my collection of seashells;


My pooch Bella

Even from my Mata Ortiz pottery!

Humans are, after all, part of nature, and artists of the Good Earth are nature personified.

And lastly are several of my Gallery’s Fossils;

Maybe this is why I love selling and sharing fossils and pottery and some jewelry and even minerals with the world. Maybe the Golden Ratio is a part of our genetic make-up, and making these pieces available to the world is just the natural thing to do.






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