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Mata Ortiz Checkerboard Handmade Black Red Handmade
Everyone dabbling in arts and crafts and jewelry have at least a fleeting connection to southwest creations and the people who bring them into existence. With their bold color combinations and use of native materials, the intensity of design and the sharpness of detail contribute to this world of creation. Standing on a summit of its own, native art of the Southwestern United States, and into Latin America, fills a much needed place in the worlds constant search for beauty.

Mata Ortiz pottery is one of my certain favorites. For me it encompasses so much of what expressional art in the Americas is.
Mata Ortiz is earthy. It’s is alive, it is celebratory, it is at times somber. It expresses nearly every emotion any denizen of Earth will experience at some time in our lives. It is something that when held in your hands, becomes a real and tangible connection to the land and soil it was born from. Native elements collected in the Chihuahua Desert are what the colorful dyes come from. The clay, be it a black, a white, or mixed brown is born from the earth around the village of Mata Ortiz. The occasional finger impression and the three dimensional animals are all from the hands of the artisan villagers. Feeling these things and holding them is almost as good as actually shaking the craftsperson’s hand. Mata Ortiz Pottery is an extension, and is tangible evidence, of a culture of souls inhabiting their region for a thousand plus years.  Mata Ortiz is Human in a most positive form.  11/09/2021 T. Rogers

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